Quality Assurance

Full Fledged Lab Facilities for chemical analysis, mointoring the thickness of each and every lot thro' random check thro' GEDET instrument under destructive method andour efficient QC section inspect each and every component before dispatching the product.

Technology beyond ordinary

  • Sytemized controlled platting plant with latesh infrastructure.
  • Electronic and electrical gadgets for precise Time control.
  • Improved Filtration, Heating, Cooling and Drying unit.
  • Developing latest technologies to stay in touch with Global Trends.
  • Mointoring at each and every stages by qualified managemnet professionals for acheiving Industrial standard.

Quality Plating

  • Each and every stages is monitered by Temperature controller and Cut-Off Timer.
  • De-miniralised and Re-cyclable water is used to attain quality plating.
  • Continuous filteration in plating tanks.
  • Chiling plant for copper plating.

Eco & Environmental friendly Effluent Treatment Plant

The effluent treatment plant is installed by M/S. Techno Enviro Consultants, Chennai - 87. The sources of Effluent are rinsing sections of Copper, Nickel and Chrome plating operations.

Process Stages :
1. Collection Tanks
2. Neutralization Tank
3. Settling Tanks
4. Solar Evaporating Pans
5. Sludge Drying Beds

The treatment plant is monitored & operated by well qualified persons. The treatment is done regularly as per daily discharges.
The total area of Effluent treatment plant is 2000 Sq.ft.
Environment friendly Greenery is maintained by growing trees and plants in and around the plant.


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