Satin Tin plating
Chrome Plating
Chrome Plating
Chrome Plating

Chromium Plating on ABS Plastic / Metal

Automobile Parts:

  • Ashok Leyland Logo, Cover Starter Motor, Cap Swing Pivot, Dip stick etc.,

Electronics Parts:

  • Stem, Cavity, Mobile Parts, Knob Deco, etc.,

Home Appliances:

  • Press Pad, Switch Pad, Push Knob, Armlid, Back Plate, Knob, Knob Addon, Handle, Cap, etc.,

Sanitaryware Parts:

  • Urinal Spreader Body, Urinal Spreader Bell, Urinal Spreader Lid, Throttle, DF Cap, Half Flush Button, Full Flush Button, Knob WF, Pillar Tap Cover, Pillar Tap Base, M Handle, Faucet Ring, Aerator Outer Casing, Hand Shower Body et.,

Pen Parts:

  • Metallica Fx Clip, Jetter Fx Clip, Liquiflow Clip, Front Section, Inner Barrel etc.,

Decorative Parts:

  • Door Handles, Photo Frame Corners, Slider, Decorative Chair Parts, etc.,

Silver / Satin Tin Plating on Metal

Electrical Parts:

  • Copper Jaws, Copper Tube, Terminals & Hooks

Products Manufacturing:

Manufacturing Process:

>> Semi-Automatic Plating Plant
>> Electronic Time & Temperature Controllerfor Precise Process Operation
>> Continuous Centrifuge Filter for Better Plating Bath Stability
>> Dedicated Chiller unit for Copper Plating
>> Latest Heating & Drying units (Centrifuge Drying & Electric Oven )

In-House Testing Facilites:

Water Analysis


Bath Stability Testing

•Hull cell test

Plated Parts Testing


Instruments :

>> Electronic Weighing Balance
>> Digital – TDS, pH & Conductivity meters
>> Hull cell test Apparatus
>> Thickness meter ( Destructive )
>> Pull-off Magnetic Thickness Gauge
>> Centrifuge Precipitator
>> Hydrometer
>> Digital Thickness Caliper

Calibration Assistance from :

>> Sansel Instruments & Controls – Chennai
>> Macro Calibration Services - Chennai

Testing by Approved External Labs:

Following Tests are offered by us to External Labs
>> Cross section Analysis – Microscopic method
>> Salt spray Testing ( ASTM-B117)
>> Salt spray Testing ( ASTM-B 368-97 Cass Test)
>> Thermal Cycle Testing
>> Heat Resistance Test
>> Bend Test

List of our Approved External Labs :

>> National Test House (Govt. of INDIA) - Chennai
>> Kidao Laboratories – Chennai ( NABL Accredited )
>> Omega Inspection & Analytical Lab – Chennai ( Recognized by Hyundai,Ford,NLC ,BHEL etc., )
TUV certified ISO 9001:2008 - QMS being in Place & followed
Sophisticated In-House Lab facility for Chemical Analysis & Destructive Testing
Latest Instruments to support Inspections & Improvements
Highly Qualified Management Professionals to achieve the Best Quality Standards by:
• - Process Control & Maintenance
• - Random & Regular Process Audits
• - Pre-Delivery Inspections
• - Batch Inspections
Usage of De-Mineralized Water for Plating Baths
Process Operation by well Trained & Skilled persons

Kwality Electro Platers Products:








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